Vintage 1942-1944 Colt "The Woodsman" Military Match Target .22 Long Rifle

This 1st series Military Colt Woodsman Match Target Bullseye has a 6 5/8" barrel and a blued finish that is about 80%. It bears the crossed cannons on the left hand side underneath "The Woodsman". The right hand side of the frame has "G.H.D." stamped on it. This was the ordnance mark for Brigadier General Guy H. Drewry. Crossed cannons are present on the the opposite side of the frame. According to Colt, Less than 4000 of these were made for the military and it is estimated that less than 20% survived. Most are marked "U.S. Property" and very few marked with the Crossed cannons and "GHD" only. Many were refinished and parkerized or simply parted out. This gun still retains its original, commercial blue finish and has all of its original parts. It does not have a magazine.

Located at our Palm Bay Location